The New Health Care Partner 3D Scanner

Introducing the new Health Care Partner 3D Scanner, the only handheld 3Dscanner dedicated to human body scanning.

Based on Creaforms Go!SCAN3D technology, the HCP3D Scanner offers high accuracy, portability and intuitiveness to people in need of a 3D scanning device for human body measurements.

Health Care Partner 3D scanner highlights

  • Extremely short scanning sessions = shorter consultation times = more patients being treated.
  • WYSIWYG: 3D surface is generated as you scan, which makes for minimal waiting time.

  • Very easy to use, lightweight (850 g) and can be operated by any technician, no matter their experience level.
  • Non contact, non invasive 3D scan process for minimal discomfort for the patient.

  • Dynamic referencing means that patients slight movement wont impact the measurement accuracy.
  • API integration: You can seamlessly integrate the power of the HCP3Dscanner into your health care solution through our API.

Applications / Health Care Specialties

  • Orthotics/Prosthetics (O&P)
  • Head scanning (babies)
  • Plastic/aesthetic surgery
  • Podiatrics
  • Plastic reconstruction after mastectomy

Mobility Assistance

3D Archiving

Distribution Strategy

Creaforms distribution strategy is to sell the Health Care 3D Partner scanner through key business partners like French Rodin4D and OEM agreements partners like Tech Med 3D and Willow Wood.

The company intends to enter new OEM agreements with major partners that are active in specific market niches complementary to those occupied by Creaform and its current key business partners.