Brunson Instrument Company Introduces New Line of Certified and Serialized Target Holder Kits

Kansas City, MO April 2, 2013 Brunson Instrument Company, a leading manufacturer of target holders for laser tracking measurement systems, today announced their new line of Target Holder Kits, available in inch and metric collections. Each standard kit comes in a foam-lined, waterproof case with an assortment of target holders and accessories for 0.5" and/or 1.5" diameter Retro-reflectors (SMR, CCR, TBR, etc.). Brunson will also custom build a target holder kit. Laser trackers and target holders are used by metrologists and manufacturers who need a high-precision, portable measurement solution to build, inspect, or maintain aircraft, satellites, ships, particle accelerators, automobiles and more. Brunsons certified and serialized target holders make it easier to measure standard geometric features such as holes, edges, corners, surfaces, diameters, and hidden points. Custom-designed target holders are used to measure all types of non-standard geometric features.

Brunson Instrument produces a wide range of popular and widely-used target holders: flat nest, pin nest, vector, and custom. Brunsons heat-treated and hardened stainless steel target holders are precision manufactured and laser etched with a part number and serial number for improved component management and identification. These Made-in-the-USA target holders are verified using NIST-traceable standards. The serial number and the NIST-traceable measurements of critical target holder dimensions are documented in a certificate provided online for 24/7 access. The certified dimensional values can be used during measurement processes in lieu of the more general manufacturers tolerance range.

Target holders are the least expensive component in the laser tracking system, yet they can play a major role in the precision of those measurements. Brunson ensures quality in every single product or kit delivered. We go the extra mile to certify and serialize target holders that are used to acquire critical part dimensions, states Mark Meuret, Product Manager of Metrology Solutions. Brunson Instrument Company is a veteran player in the metrology industry with the engineering skills, design talents and professional services for clients who need standard or custom-made target holders, target holder certification, or other metrology products and services.

Brunson offers recertification services for all target holders, regardless of the manufacturer. Target holders become worn and out of spec after continued use, which can impact the overall accuracy of the 3D data acquired by a laser tracking system. Other factors can effect target holder quality such as unseen pin and seat wear, improper storage, and poor handling. For the past five years, Brunson has measured and certified more than 5000 target holders, both newly manufactured or returned for recertification. The company uses the same NIST-traceable standards to recertify target holders.

About Brunson Instrument Company

Brunson Instrument Company engineers, manufactures and markets portable measurement and alignment solutions for high precision industrial applications. Their product line includes optical tooling instruments, scaling artifacts, metrology instrument stands, laser target holders, and calibration equipment. In addition to private label and contract manufacturing, the company offers a full spectrum of client services for aerospace, automotive, power generation, pulp and paper, and other industries. Headquartered in Kansas City, MO, Brunson Instruments serves its international client base through strategic distributors in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. For more information, visit