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FARO 3D Documentation User Meeting on the 13th and 14th of June 2013 in Strasbourg

3D documentation generated with the help of three-dimensional laser scanning is increasingly being used in many sectors. Application possibilities and technology trends will therefore take centre stage at FAROs third 3D Documentation User Meeting. In 2013 it will take place for the first time in France at the Convention and Conference Centre in Strasbourg. On the 13th and 14th of June 2013, users will get together once again to exchange ideas and experiences at this event, which has become a very popular communication platform. Workshops and specialist lectures will also be offered to provide participants with new and informative insight.

Coventry 11th February 2013 FARO Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: This years FARO 3D Documentation User Meeting will take place on the 13th and 14th of June 2013 in Strasbourg and follow up on the successful events of the last two years. In 2012 around 300 participants got together at Schloss Sihlberg in Zurich to discuss 3D documentation generated with the help of laser scanning. And this year, visitors to the 3D Documentation User Meeting, which will take place at the Strasbourg Convention and Conference Centre, will once again have the opportunity to gain important insight into trends and get some helpful tips to assist them in their daily work. The event is being organised once again by FARO, a specialist for portable measurement technology and a provider of high-end software solutions.

One special aspect of this event series is that it brings together specialists from a variety of different sectors, who have all realised the potential of 3D documentation and are using it to their benefit. Top-class speakers will be reporting on, among other things, using 3D documentation in architecture, engineering, monument preservation, mining and tunnel construction as well as forestry and agriculture. But thats not all: topics such as quality assurance, process optimisation in industry and the recording of crime scenes and accident sites as well as use in hazardous areas will also be on the agenda. These subject areas will clearly show that 3D documentation generated with the help of modern laser scanning can significantly increase productivity and quality while providing considerable cost savings. The event will also focus on economic potential and the swift ROI that can be achieved by using laser scanning. Whats more, numerous lectures and in-depth workshops on both days of the event will provide participants with a wealth of knowledge, no matter whether they are experts or beginners.

There will also be plenty of time during this years 3D Documentation User Meeting to meet up with the speakers and other participants as well as to network with experts. To round off the lectures and workshops, new hardware and software solutions from FARO and FARO partners will be introduced and presented live.

The great interest in this event over the past few years has clearly shown the importance and significance of a communication and networking platform in the area of 3D documentation.

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Worldwide, approximately 15,000 customers are operating more than 30,000 installations of FARO’s systems. The Company’s global headquarters is located in Lake Mary, Fla., its European head office in Stuttgart, Germany and its Asia/Pacific head office in Singapore. FARO has branches in Brazil, Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Turkey, India, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea and Japan.

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