Spatial Energy Introduces TapSpatial Mobile Geospatial App for iPad

Access to Spatial Data Anytime, Anywhere

BOULDER, Colo., USA, February 27, 2013 Spatial Energy, a provider of geospatial solutions to the worldwide energy industry, today introduced the TapSpatial mobile app for the iPad. Designed with oil and gas professionals in mind, TapSpatial allows iPad users to access a global imagery base map, import other spatial data content, and mash up layers into custom maps they can take into the field for offline use.

Available for free at the Apple App Store, TapSpatial includes access to an up-to-date, high-resolution image data layer covering the entire world. Additionally, iPad users can tap directly into their own proprietary enterprise data service or spatial content from other web sources, including Esri, Bing Maps, and Google Maps. Users may also purchase a subscription to access premium Spatial Energy content, such as Digital Elevation Models, bathymetry, land grid, well locations and a variety of remote sensing imagery.

We created the TapSpatial mobile app so that energy professionals can download their customized spatial data and take it out of the office into the field, said Bud Pope, Spatial Energy President. Online or offline, TapSpatial lets end users maximize the value of their spatial data by putting it to use at any time wherever they are.

TapSpatial users are able to integrate multiple spatial data layers and toggle specific layers on or off, while also zooming and panning on the iPad touchscreen. The built-in iPad GPS allows for live map navigation and coordinate display. Spatial Energy has developed energy-specific mark-up tools for onscreen annotation and drawing points, lines and polygons. Customized map layers can be emailed with attached photos and notes from the field. Offline caching capacity allows users to work on multi-layer data sets in the field when web access is unavailable. For more information on what data layers and subscriptions are available for TapSpatial, go to the website at

TapSpatial differs from other apps in that it allows iPad users to aggregate their internal company geospatial data layers with data from external sources to create unique maps in the field or in the office, said Pope.

For subscribers to the Spatial on Demand service, TapSpatial is a direct mobile portal into Spatial Energys popular spatial data management and delivery system. Designed to provide enterprise access to raster imagery and mapping data for global energy organizations, Spatial on Demand eliminates data archiving and maintenance challenges by hosting the subscribers legacy data sets on Spatial Energys secure servers. TapSpatial users can view, select and download data from their Spatial on Demand database. For information on an enterprise license and specific data layers in TapSpatial with Spatial on Demand, please email or visit the Spatial Energy website.

To create the TapSpatial mobile app, Spatial Energy teamed with NeoTreks Inc. of Monument, Colorado. NeoTreks is an award-winning developer of geospatial apps for the iPad, iPhone and other tablet platforms. Spatial Energy also offers custom development options based on the TapSpatial application through NeoTreks.

Watch the Introduction to TapSpatial video to learn more.

About Spatial Energy

Spatial Energy serves the Oil and Gas industry by providing the right spatial imagery and data content at the right price — which we host and disseminate throughout the organization. As a result, we enable our customers – the Top 5 Super Majors and 70 other of the Top 100 Oil & Gas Companies in the world – to efficiently and effectively manage their workflows from exploration through restoration.

Spatial Energy is committed to providing the best value for energy-specific imagery, imagery analysis and online enterprise imagery and data management services for oil and gas companies operating globally. Imagery is available on demand from our data archives, through satellite and aerial providers, via speculative collection and by hosting corporate imagery.

We have established preferred relationships with the leading data providers and can thus select the best source(s) to meet your particular project need. Our data is tailored for use within geological and geophysical desktop applications, as well as web applications and geoportals. We offer subscription programs such as Spatial on Demand ( to provide simplified, cost effective access to acquiring and managing imagery as a corporate asset.

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