3D Laser Mappings StreetMapper Proves FIT for France

Nottingham, UK, 28 January 2013 FIT ESIC and FIT CONSEIL, leading players in the French geographic information market, have purchased a StreetMapper mobile mapping system. Following extensive market research and system trials the companies, with divisions specialising in surveying and engineering, selected the StreetMapper system for its accuracy, reliability and flexibility. Developed by UK based 3D Laser Mapping the StreetMapper technology will help FIT ESIC and FIT CONSEIL develop their core businesses filling the surveying gap left by existing systems and solutions.

We have tested a number of mobile mapping systems over the past two years and conducted a detailed technical analysis of each one, commented Marc Daeffler, Director of the Engineering Division at FIT ESIC. From this we have concluded that StreetMapper is undoubtedly the most accurate, stable and flexible system on offer.

He continued, Due to the size of our companies and our leading position, offering our clients this technology was a necessity not an option. StreetMapper will fill the gap between the other technologies and instruments we already use, for example airborne laser scanners and digital cameras, terrestrial laser scanners, GPS systems and total stations.

The StreetMapper technology purchased by FIT ESIC and FIT CONSEIL will be used in a wide variety of applications including urban mapping projects, road, rail and air surveys as well as facility network mapping, asset inventories and monitoring. It is expected the high productivity of data collection, which allows extensive survey projects to be completed in relatively short time frames, will strengthen the companys position within the engineering and surveying markets and open up many new opportunities.

Daeffler concluded, In addition to our own market research we liaised with other users of mobile mapping systems. This has emphasised not only the technical expertise of the 3D Laser Mapping team but also their willingness to get involved, supporting clients when undertaking original or challenging survey projects. As new users of StreetMapper this gives operational advantages and peace of mind.

StreetMapper has been specifically designed for the rapid 3D mapping of highways, runways, railways, infrastructure and buildings. Using vehicle-mounted lasers offering a 360-degree field of view, StreetMapper enables high precision mapping to a range of 300 metres, a capacity of 550,000 measurements per second per sensor and recorded accuracies in independent real world projects of better than 10 millimetres.


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Notes to Editors

StreetMapper has been developed by UK based 3D Laser Mapping in conjunction with German based guidance and navigation specialist IGI mbH. The system employs the latest laser scanning technology for improved field performance and accuracy, precision navigation including a solution for reduced GPS coverage in urban areas, combined with a flexible, modular configuration and increased ease of use and deployment. For further information see www.streetmapper.com

3D Laser Mapping is a global developer of laser scanning solutions for sectors such as mapping, mining and manufacturing. 3D Laser Mapping specialises in integrating laser scanning hardware with their own software and peripherals to create solutions at the cutting edge of technology. Through a worldwide network of distributors 3D Laser Mapping is able to provide frontline support and service for a growing international client base. 3D Laser Mapping is also the Riegl Premier Distributor for the UK, Ireland and sub-Saharan Africa and the leading distributor of TerraScan software. For further information see www.3dlasermapping.com

FIT ESIC is a surveying and engineering company serving the construction, civil engineering, utilities, industry, energy and urban planning markets, employing 180 staff in twelve offices across France, US and Morocco. FIT ESIC is organised in four business branches: Civil engineering and construction (design studies, project management, topographic surveys, quantity surveys, machine guidance, site monitoring); Energies, Sites and Industries (3D as built surveys, dimensional surveys, industrial metrology, reverse engineering, inspection of structures and buildings, site monitoring and surveillance); Facility networks (surveying and mapping, underground network detection, design studies, pipe inspection); Town and site planning (urban planning, water management and landscaping, mobility and travels, environment).

FIT CONSEIL is a chartered land surveying company serving the real estate, cadastre, town and country planning, infrastructure design, land negotiation and airborne mapping markets. They employ 225 staff in eight offices across France and Tunisia. FIT CONSEIL offers the following services: Topography; Airborne Photogrammetry & Laser scanning; Property surveys; Land-related activities (Land division maps; Preparation of documents to modify land registers; Boundary demarcations; Regulations for jointly-owned buildings; Measurement certificates); Technical and administrative assistance with land purchasing (Estimation of the value of properties; Amicable negotiation; Assistance with legal procedures during compulsory purchase); Regional development and land reallocation.

FIT ESIC and FIT CONSEIL are part of the FIT Group, a leading player in the French geographic information market. For further information see www.fit-esic.fr, www.fit-conseil.fr, www.groupe-fit.fr