Webinar: Maximize LiDAR data with 3D GeoPDF Maps and Imagery Training: Maximize your Geospatial Collaboration Software

As the accuracy and effectiveness of LiDAR advances, the applications in which the data can add value increase as well. However, as LiDAR data and its derived products become more widely deployed across the enterprise, the need to share the information in a manner that is accessible to anyone also increases.

JoinTerraGo Technologies at 2PM Eastern on Tuesday, January 15 for a webinar highlighting how TerraGo 3D GeoPDF maps and imagery can extend the value of LiDAR data and its derived products to the field and throughout the enterprise. Like 2D GeoPDF maps, 3D GeoPDF maps can be used by anyone, anywhere, without access to complex tools or deep geospatial expertise, providing enhanced situational awareness and improved collaboration.

See firsthand as TerraGo co-founder and Chief Solutions Architect Michael Bufkin demonstrates the streamlined workflow for producing 3D GeoPDF maps and imagery directly from LiDAR source data. Mr. Bufkin will also address how the latest enhancements to TerraGo 3D ComposerTM for Adobe Acrobat maximize return on investment in geospatial assets by providing users with a valuable savings of time and costs in production rates.

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Attending ILMF 2013?

Are you attending the International LiDAR Mapping Forum from Feb. 11-13, 2013 in Denver? Visit TerraGo in booth #3 for live demonstrations of TerraGo 3D Composer for Adobe Acrobat, as well as our other software for enhanced geospatial collaboration.

TerraGo Training Tips and Tricks to Maximize your Geospatial Collaboration Software

TerraGo Toolbar

TerraGo Toolbar, one of the most widely deployed and proven geospatial solutions today, is a no-cost application that enables anyone anywhere to access and interact with 2D and 3D GeoPDF maps and imagery. Join Terrago Technologies on Jan. 17 at 3:30 p.m. for a training session to ensure that you are maximizing the full range of geospatial collaboration capabilities of TerraGo Toolbar. Register to join us for this informative training session!

Tuesdays with TerraGo

Washington DC-based users are invited to join TerraGo every other Tuesday for a no-cost hand-on training session in our Arlington, VA office. Two four-hour sessions will be offered on training day and space is limited to six students per session. The course will focus on the core suite of TerraGo geospatial collaboration software, including TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS, TerraGo Toolbar, TerraGo Composer for Adobe Acrobat, TerraGo 3D Composer for Adobe Acrobat, TerraGo Collaboration Manager and Terrago Mobile for AndroidTM. Register now for the January 15 session!