GeoSpatial Experts Introduces GeoJot+ Subscription to Mobilize Field Teams

THORNTON, Colorado, USA, 4 December 2012 GeoSpatial Experts today officially released its new GeoJot+ field data collection system. The new subscription-based solution is built on GeoSpatial Experts popular GPS-Photo Link and GeoJot products. With the mobile data collection app and office components, the new system provides functionality from field data collection to final reports and all for less than $1 per user per day.

The idea is both simple and powerful – GIS field data collection through geotagged photos. GeoJot+ allows users to collect geotagged photos and capture descriptive attribute information for each photo. Organizations then map the results in ArcGIS or Google Earth, import the data into a backend database, or create reports showing the photo, the location on a map, and the attribute information.

GeoJot+ empowers organizations to better manage their field teams. An Administrators Dashboard enables viewing and tracking of app usage, as well as the ability to add and revoke app licenses. An organization can manage users or teams of users on their account. The GeoJot+ app simplifies deployment and overcomes limitations of the major app stores which are not currently optimized for enterprise use. Apps no longer need to be purchased individually. One subscription can cover all Android and Apple devices, and licenses can easily be transferred as they are not tied to specific devices.

Highly flexible, the GeoJot+ app can run on smartphones and tablets with or without service plans. Using the GPS chips in these devices, users can collect field data in areas without a cellular signal. As soon as the user returns to an area with coverage, they can share information in real-time with the office. In addition, the app can run on the iPod Touch, new Android cameras such as the Nikon COOLPIX S800c and Samsung Galaxy, as well as new Android GPS units such as the Trimble Juno 5 or Juniper Rampage.

The mobile app component focuses on simplicity of use. An administrator can create and distribute an unlimited number of field data collection lists (forms) to their field team members. These pick lists allow team members to easily collect data that is both accurate and consistent. It can take less than 15 minutes to train field teams to use the app, which can automatically transfer data back to the office via the cloud with the Team subscription level.

Back in the office using GeoJot+ Core, an administrator can edit and stage the data from the field teams, enforcing consistency and quality standards before inputting data into a backend database. They can also create customizable reports as well as Esri and Google maps. GeoJot+ Core is based on GPS-Photo Link, the industry standard software for mapping photographs since 2001.

Our customers seem to have two major needs – an extremely simple interface for the people in the field collecting data and a powerful engine to do the heavy lifting back in the office, said GeoSpatial Experts President Rick Bobbitt. With an intuitive interface for the field app, seamless data transfer via the cloud, and a sophisticated engine running back in the office, GeoJot+ is both simple and powerful.

The new GeoJot+ mobile data collection system offers three levels of functionality Essentials, Team, and Enterprise. The Essentials level contains basic functionality for GIS field data collection, mapping, and reporting. The Team level further empowers field crews with enhanced functionality such as cloud-based data transfer and advanced list/form creation, as well as more advanced GPS, GIS mapping, and reporting features. The Enterprise level offers both advanced functionality and 360 support for successful and timely integration into an organizations workflows and processes. The GeoJot+ 360 Implementation Blueprint offers workflow consulting & list design, customized training & documentation, enhanced support, and customized functionality.

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