American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Presents Hot Topics Session at International LiDAR Mapping Forum 2013

The International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF), taking place from February 11-13 2013 in Denver, is delighted to announce that the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) will be running special hot topics sessions alongside the main conference.

ASPRS plays a vital role in the LIDAR industry as it is the key organization that sets data format and accuracy standards for kinematic laser scanning. With a full morning dedicated to ASPRS on February 11, it will be sharing the results of crucial projects to benefit the LIDAR community; providing information to help improve accuracy and cost efficiency.

Lewis Graham, LIDAR Division Director of ASPRS, will kick off the morning by revealing exciting new plans for the development of LAS validation software. LAS is the standard data delivery format used throughout the world. It is supported in all commercial LIDAR hardware and software and is also the required delivery standard for nearly all private and governmental kinematic LIDAR projects. The new LAS validation software will be key in ensuring LAS file compliance and the software will be discussed publicly for the first time at ILMF.

Another session not to be missed will be the first public update of a major project funded by the United States Geological Survey. The project is investigating new approaches of calibrating and geometrically adjusting broad area airborne LIDAR projects and over the past year ASPRS Airborne Laser Scanning committee has been assessing new techniques. The committee will provide a fascinating insight into the project so far, which is expected to have a major impact on how airborne laser scanning data are adjusted in the future.

With the advancement of mobile mapping, ASPRS has also focused on best practice and accuracy assessment in mobile laser scanning to help the LIDAR industry ensure top quality data for minimum cost. The Mobile Laser Scanning committee of the LIDAR division will present a preview of this project, which is setting benchmarks to benefit the mobile mapping sector.

Lewis Graham commented, "ASPRS recognizes the vital role that ILMF contributes to the state of art and is pleased to contribute to and participate at this event. We are delighted to share the findings of important projects for the LIDAR community and will be rounding off the morning with a Q&A session which will be open to all delegates."

ILMF13 will be the biggest event yet, with world leading experts presenting at the conference and an exhibition with 75 booths of technology, software and service providers, adding extra benefits and value to the conference for delegates. Exhibitors include the LIDAR and complementary sensor manufacturers, survey service companies, data processing, GIS and management specialists and the latest mobile mapping vehicles. In addition, there will be a series of learning workshops and live mobile mapping demonstrations to enable delegates to witness data capture methods in real time, and to learn about the latest advances in mobile and 3D capture applications, including integration with LIDAR and photogrammetry.

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