MAPPS PAC Announces Candidate Support in November 6 Election


November 5, 2012

Reston, Virginia -The MAPPS Political Action Committee (MAPPS PAC) today announced it has contributed over $59,000 in support of 71 candidates for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives for the November 6 election.

"MAPPS strongly supports these candidates. They were selected from our PAC based on their records on geospatial and general business issues, committee assignments, leadership positions, and the status of their election campaigns," said MAPPS Executive Director and PAC Treasurer John Palatiello. "This election cycle, we continued our implementation of a comprehensive process of candidate evaluation, input from our members, and staff analysis." MAPPS staff interviewed more than 50 candidates for the House and Senate.

"The MAPPS PAC is a bi-partisan PAC that supports Republicans and Democrats who have records of demonstrated support for the private geospatial community and our free enterprise system, and responsiveness to MAPPS members," said Pat Olson, MAPPS PAC Chairman. "This is the largest amount the MAPPS PAC has raised from its members and contributed to candidates in its history." Also serving on the MAPPS Political Action Committee are Kurt Allen and Jeff Lovin.

The MAPPS PAC set a goal to raise $75,000 during the two-year election cycle and has received over ninety percent to date.Contributions have been made to five Senatorial re-election campaigns, 10 Senatorial candidates, 49 House Representative re-election campaigns, seven House of Representative candidates and four candidates who did not make it to the November 6 ballot.

The PAC is the legal, ethical and professional way for membership organizations, such as MAPPS, to engage in America’s great political process. The MAPPS PAC is a separate, segregated political fund that does not use dues money. The MAPPS PAC accepts voluntary, personal contributions from individuals in the geospatial profession to support candidates for Federal office who support the geospatial community and the free enterprise system. Under the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA), the statute that governs the financing of federal elections, groups, such as trade and professional associations, can form committees to collect voluntary, individual contributions from members in a pool, and to make contributions from those committees to candidates for Federal office. No MAPPS, corporate or foreign funds are involved.

For more information about the MAPPS PAC and how to contribute visit the MAPPS PAC webpage.


Formed in 1982, MAPPS is the only national association exclusively comprised of private firms in the remote sensing, spatial data and geographic information systems field in the United States. The MAPPS membership spans the entire spectrum of the geospatial community, including Member Firms engaged in satellite and airborne remote sensing, surveying, photogrammetry, aerial photography, LIDAR, hydrography, bathymetry, charting, aerial and satellite image processing, GPS, and GIS data collection and conversion services. MAPPS also includes Associate Member Firms, which are companies that provide hardware, software, products and services to the geospatial profession in the United States and other firms from around the world. Independent Consultant Members are sole proprietors engaged in consulting in or to the geospatial profession, or provides a consulting service of interest to the geospatial profession.

MAPPS provides its 160+ member firms opportunities for networking and developing business-to-business relationships, information sharing, education, public policy advocacy, market growth, and professional development and image enhancement.

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