LiDAR USA Announces First Canadian Sale

LiDAR USA announced in late October that ScanLook has been delivered to its first Canadian customer.

Vieworx Geophoto Inc (, located in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, received their first ScanLook system in late October with training being completed at the same time.

LiDAR USA is very pleased that Vieworx chose to purchase ScanLook. Vieworx already has two other mobile systems mounted on trucks that are almost constantly working. ScanLook will supplement these systems by being deployed in a variety of ways due to its high level of portability. It will be mounted on a variety of vehicles depending upon the job. While this includes a truck for survey grade road mapping and a boat for all riparian projects, Vieworx is currently in the process of fitting the scanner to an aerial based system.

Daniel Fagerman, CTO of LiDAR USA, was pleased to see how quickly Vieworx was able to adapt a mount for ScanLook to one of their trucks. In about two hours, Vieworx had ScanLook mounted securely and ready for preliminary scanning, Daniel added. It was good to see ScanLook up and running in cold and snowy Alberta in such a short time.

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