MAVinci Will Show New UAS Flight Planning Software Features at INTERGEO

MAVinci Desktop is a professional software that handles all UAV related tasks from flight planning to UAV control. It also functions as an interface to several post processing software solutions. With MAVinci Desktop you are able to handle all jobs from simple up to complex projects intuitively and time efficient. For more information on our products please visit:

At INTERGEO 2012 in Hannover we will show the following new features of MAVinci Desktop our professional flight planning and UAV control software:

Work in mountain areas:

  • Flight plan can automatically adapt to an elevation model
  • Automatic collision avoidance with mountains based on elevation data
  • Automatic optimal alignment of flight lines
  • Combine this feature with the MAVinci Multi-Flight-Planning Tool

New Bing maps support: High resolution Bing images in most areas of the world as basis for your flight planning.

Weather data: Live animated rain rate overlay for Europe/Africa/Asia.

View Processing Results: Improved visualization of local 3d models

Review the single aerial images directly after the flight without post processing:

  • Thousands of aerial images can be previewed in MAVinci Desktop without limiting the software operation speed.
  • Improved performance of all post processing solutions due to accurate computation of image orientation and position

New Post Processing Features:

  • Interfaces to several processing software solutions (Agisoft Photoscan, Pix4UAV, Enso MOSAIC, Menci APS)
  • Direct upload tool to personal processing servive providers (AeroGis, Geo ID, Icaros, Pieneering)