Introducing GeoExpress Server 8, Lightweight, Easy Setup, Fast, Focus on Usability

Recently, via a special media event in Denver, Co, Seattle-based LizardTech (a Celartem Company) announced details of their latest solution offering, Express Server R8. Designed specifically to enable rapid delivery of imagery, Express Server is ideally suited for rapid distribution of large raster data-sets using common WMS protocols (or JPIP) without the need for time consuming, costly user training – think easy installation, customization, and deployment.

The event, hosted by John Skiffington, LizardTech product manager, Skiffington kicked things off by reminding us that the company is now in their 20th year of business designing and supporting image compression and related technologies… this being done by a core team of staffers, most of them being with LizardTech for at least 10 years! Their focus is on high quality raster and LiDAR data management, compression, and distribution for their customer base of GeoTech professionals who need to work with large image data sets, aerial and satellite imagery. Skiffington reiterated that it’s LizardTech’s mission to take technology and turn it into great products!

Express Server supports end users on any device or environment (mobile, web, tablet) and supports the popular image environments/formats MrSID, JPEG 2000 and MG4 making it ideally suited for corporations, government, and orgs that have a need to distribute and make available high quality and current satellite imagery and multi and hyperspectral data.

Redesigned and re-engineered, GeoExpress Server offers a number of compelling new features and reasons to upgreade, including:

  • Brand new, redesigned simple to use GUI
  • New Express Server Manager for simple, fast, configuration
  • Support for Geospatial PDF
  • Runs on 64 bit systems
  • Supports MG4 (MrSID Generation 4) and alpha-band transparency
  • Rapid installation takes only minutes for complete instal
  • New advanced wavelet algorithms enable high compression of lossless imagery
  • Interoperable with OGC compliant WMS’, custom web apps, and within ArcGIS Image server
  • Sample web apps included (JavaScript, Flash, Ajax) enable rapid customization
  • Easily scalable
  • Free (fully functional) 30 day trial

Perhaps the best way to sum up this release, according to product Manager, Jon Skiffington, is that it’s fast, stable, and easy! Express Server is the idea solution for rapid delivery of Terabyte sized data to any device – even over low-bandwidth connections! Clients boast that they increase their delivery speeds without excessive, additional investments in hardware or bandwidth.

Express Server is a key component of the LizardTech GeoExpress Suite of products – easy to use tools for imagery providers. The Express Suite product suite consists of GeoExpress, Express Server, and free GeoViewer software. See

Express Server Webinar, Tues, Sept 25

Interested in learning more about Express Server 8? Good news as the LizardTech crew is hosting a live (Free) webinar on Tuesday 9/25 to introduce you to the latest product release! Details… LizardTech FREE Webinar Intro to Express Server 8 9/25/12 at 11:00 AM PDT – Note: Attend for chance to win Amazon gift card
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