New VG4D-SmartLiDAR RoadXtract from Virtual Geomatics

Austin, TX Sept 17, 2012 – Virtual Geomatics is delighted to announce the release of its SmartLiDAR RoadXtract software specially developed to cater to the needs of todays transportation industry.

Attractively priced RoadXtract is a stand-alone, feature rich software solution, designed to provide the Departments of Transportation & Roadway Engineering contractors an easy path to incorporating LiDAR data for their road design and analysis. RoadXtract can directly import data from variety of popular mobile, terrestrial and airborne lidar sensors to generate outputs compatible with industry standard Autodesk and Bentley packages.

Designed to handle huge billion-point datasets, the RoadXtract carries robust visualization and the ability to digitize key features or assets from LiDAR data. With built-in utilities to extract road features with design grade accuracy, the RoadXtract is a must have for roadway design engineers and DoTs. Besides, its on-the-fly triangulation, cross section viewing and contour generation, detection of point cloud accuracy with control points, the RoadXtract also carries volumetric analysis, editing, QA redlining functions to derive information vital for transportation engineering, analysis and design. With Change Detection for pavement management and comprehensive 3D Visualization, this solution is well suited for extracting topographic information from LiDAR, essential for roadway engineering.

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