TopoDOT Heads to the Annual IHEEP Conference with Ten DOT Customers

Orlando, FL, September 10, 2012 Caltrans, West Virginia and Ohio have recently joined seven other U.S. state transportation departments (DOTs) using TopoDOT for processing LiDAR data from tripod, mobile and airborne systems. Other state transportation departments usingTopoDOT include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Virginia and Wisconsin. Certainty 3D was pleased to add New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services as the latest Australian agency to use TopoDOT. Other foreign agencies using TopoDOT include Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation department in Canada and Queensland Department of Transport in Australia.

TopoDOTs adoption by Caltrans, West Virginia and Ohio speaks well of its proven performance amongst our earlier DOT users, said Ted Knaak, president of Certainty 3D. TopoDOT usage continues to increase among state DOTs as LiDAR is having a very positive impact on productivity and return on investment across operations. We look forward to sharing some exciting case studies with bottom line results at this months IHEEP Conference being held in Montgomery, AL.

About Certainty 3D

Certainty 3D is a leading software development company located in Orlando, FL specializing in LiDAR and point cloud processing solutions. Certainty 3D develops, sells and supports TopoDOT, a high performance MicroStation application for importing and extracting topography and models from point clouds, calibrated images and related data. Other software offerings include TopoPLANNER and TopoMISSION laser scanning project planning tools and consulting services for laser scanning technology. Learn more about Certainty 3D at