U.S. ARMY Geospatial Center Employees Receive Civilian Service Award

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Two U.S. Army Geospatial Center employees were recognized for their contributions to the Army’s terrain analysis, water resources and environmental analysis capabilities during a brief awards ceremony here yesterday.

Mr. Tom Spillman, AGC Hydrologic and Environmental Analysis Branch chief, received the Department of the Army (DA) Commander’s Award for Civilian Service for his invaluable leadership, professionalism and mission-focus, ensuring that the AGC’s water resource and environmental analysis production goals were met or exceeded. This accomplishment included the timely completion of hundreds of requests for information in support of forces worldwide. His leadership was especially critical to expanding the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Water Resources Data Base, now recognized as an Army Authoritative Data Source.

Mr. Glenn Frano, chief of the center’s Terrain Analysis branch, also earned the DA Commander’s Award for Civilian Service for professionalism, dedication and leadership contributing to the attainment of all EMAP terrain analysis production goals established by the AGC. His leadership was especially critical to the deployment and continued support of the Army Geospatial Enterprise (AGE) "GeoGlobe" capability used by Soldiers in Afghanistan.

The Commander’s Award for Civilian Service is the fourth highest Department of the Army honorary award, reflecting demonstrated initiative and skill in devising new or improved equipment, work methods and/or leadership in performing assigned duties.

The AGC’s Water Resources Data Base (WRDB) provides information on quality, quantity, and availability of water resources in areas of the world of interest to the DoD. More than 7,200 hard-copy water resource overlays (1:250,000 scale) and thousands of features have been digitized. The AGE GeoGlobe is a worldwide, 3D-based, enterprise-enabled visualization tool that allows users to access the center’s geospatial imagery, data and products through a locally-installed 3D client for Internet Explorer. The tool is also part of an Army enterprise approach to raster and vector data sharing and visualization in a 3D environment.


The U.S. Army Geospatial Center provides timely, accurate and relevant geospatial information, capabilities and domain expertise for Army Geospatial Enterprise implementation in support of unified land operations. To learn more about the AGC, please visit www.agc.army.mil.