Geomagic CEO, Ping Fu, Recognized as One of the Worlds Most Influential People in Burgeoning 3D Printing Industry

Industry-leading TCT Magazines readers vote for the top 20 thought leaders

MORRISVILLE, N.C., June 25, 2012 – Geomagic, a global company providing 3D technology solutions for digital reality, announced that Ping Fu, chief executive officer, was voted one of the 20 most influential people in the additive manufacturing and 3D printing industry by readers of the technology publication TCT Magazine.

The results of the reader-poll are published in the June 2012 issue, and indicate that the industry has evolved significantly since the last poll conducted five years ago. Technological advances, new materials and lower-cost products have enabled the technology to expand from industrial applications to both the maker and pro-sumer markets, allowing almost anyone to design and produce printed 3D objects.

"I want to thank the readers of TCT for this honor, said Ping. If the manufacturing sector is to rise again, it needs an aggressive mix of new technology and business models. Additive manufacuturing is an important and exciting area of growth and significance that can help achieve this goal.

Geomagic was cofounded by Ping in 1997 and has become a powerhouse in the world of 3D imaging creating 3D models of physical objects so they can be used immediately for any purpose. Geomagic software is tuned to delivering fully watertight 3D data that can be used in CAD, analysis, CNC, 3D printing and additive manufacturing, as well as conducting detailed inspection of as-built products. Geomagic also recently acquired Sensable Technologies, which delivers software and devices for touch-enabled organic design, simulation and research.

Ping continued: It is evident that if you can accurately digitize real world objects into usable 3D, it is far more productive than trying to create the 3D data from scratch. Once you have that ability, it can allow radical change in the way things are innovated, designed and manufactured. Geomagic works tirelessly to deliver this to users worldwide.

Ping focuses Geomagic on developing and applying 3D technologies that can change the world, from design, to archive, from measurement to manufacturing. She is a leading proponent of 3D technologies and the impact it has on our daily lives and is a regular keynote presenter at industrial and business conferences worldwide as well as serving on entreprenurial and innovation committees at the White House.

Read more about Ping on her blog and at the Geomagic web site.

About Geomagic

Geomagic ( ) is a global company dedicated to advancing and applying 3D technology for the benefit of humanity.

Different from CAD, Geomagic offers specific products to create 3D content from imaging the real world and real people, verify dimensional quality by comparing a master design to as-built products, and simulate touch sensations in digital environments.

Geomagic customers are the most innovative companies in industries ranging from aerospace, automotive, toys, mould, medical device, surgical simulation, consumer products, arts, heritage, research and education. Some of the leading companies around the globe using Geomagic products include Ford, BMW, Boeing, Harley Davidson, Timberland, Fisher Price, Lego, Pratt & Whitney, NASA, Schneider Electric, 3M, Danaher and Invisalign. Geomagic is based in Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, with an office in Boston and subsidiaries in Europe and Asia and partner channels worldwide.


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