CAIPros Now Delivering Automation Services for 3D Computer-Aided Inspection and Metrology

Geomagic Python Scripting Environment Delivers Powerful Opportunities for Custom Automation of Inspection

MORRISVILLE, N.C., May 31, 2012 Geomagic, a global company providing 3D technology solutions for digital reality, today announced a strategic partnership with CAIPros an independent professional service focused on providing expert Python scripting for automation of precision 3D Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) and metrology processes using Geomagic products.

The service is among a growing ecosystem of customers and world-class experts who are leveraging the powerful Geomagic Python Scripting Environment (GPSE) available with Geomagic software to increase the throughput speed and automate CAI processes in manufacturing environments.

The evolution of faster, exceptionally accurate and more comprehensive non-contact 3D scan data collection tools, coupled with recent innovations in inspection data processing technologies, has a made possible a phenomenal advance in methods to collect and analyze measurement information in manufacturing, resulting in dramatic time reduction and seamless scan-through-results integration. Geomagic products are poised to deliver those substantial benefits to manufacturers worldwide.

CAIPros is the first to deliver custom process automation and integration services for manufacturers looking to use Geomagic Qualify to achieve faster returns on investment in their inspection processes. Examples of how the powerful automation scripting can be used include:

  • Robotic scanning, inspection and automated reporting of results
  • Automated batch comparisons of first article or production parts inspection data with original design digital product definition
  • Dynamic interrogation of 3D scans with automated reporting into Excel spreadsheets, 3D PDFs, and/or directly into enterprise databases
  • Inspection results integration into proprietary analysis tools and/or Statistical Process Control (SPC) systems
  • Dramatically improved inspection processing speeds compared to manual operations.

We are very excited to welcome CAIPros as the first provider in our Automation Ecosystem, commented Steven Perkins, Director of Services, Geomagic. Customers have unique needs and requirements in order to fully realize the power of automated inspection. Geomagic Python Scripting is providing the tools to meet those unique needs, and CAIPros delivers the expertise to implement the solutions needed to realize the advantages offered.

Manufacturers interested in finding out more about CAI process automation with CAIPros can visit:

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