ESTEIO and SIMEPAR Work in Partnership to Act in Mapping and Monitoring Market Using UAV

Wednesday, May, 16 – 2012 – ESTEIO Engenharia e Aerolevantamentos S.A. and Instituto Tecnolgico SIMEPAR signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement that visualizes the joint action of these companies in the market of mapping and monitoring with the use of UAS platform (Unmanned Aerial Systems).

UAV and Low Altitude Photogrammetry are shown as a set of techniques for collecting and processing images that open new opportunities for users of aerial images providing a faster and more direct acquisition on specific or smaller areas where a traditional aerial survey is not the most appropriate solution.

The combination and integration of skills and experience of ESTEIO S.A. in specialized Aerial Surveys, Airborne Sensors, Photogrammetry and SIMEPAR Institute in UAV Systems for Environment Monitoring, result in an extremely competitive level with significance and importance in relation to the operation of this cartographic segment in expansion in Brazil and worldwide.

"ESTEIO and SIMEPAR always invested significant efforts and resources on developing its own technology and experience in Specialized Surveys and Mapping, and now wish to combine their unique technical skills in order to increase their competitive possibilities with an ongoing commitment to provide reliable and differentiated cartographic products to users and customers that desire accuracy and quality whatever the platform is used." are saying Amauri Brandalize, Technical Director of ESTEIO S.A. and Eduardo Alvim Leite, CEO of SIMEPAR Institute.

Founded in 1969, ESTEIO ENGENHARIA E AEROLEVANTAMENTOS S.A., a Brazilian company is privately held with headquarters in Curitiba – Paran. It is featured on Engineering and Supervision of Highway projects, Photogrammetry, Cartography, Digital Aerial Survey and Terrestrial & Airborne LASER Scanning, Urban Cadastre, Bathymetry, Geophysical Prospecting, Geographic Information Systems and Consulting, and has in its collection thousands of successful services. For further information, visit: and

SIMEPAR Technological Institute is an Autonomous Social Service linked to SETI – Department of Science, Technology and Colleges of the State of Paran. Its purpose is to provide meteorology, hydrology and environmental data to community as well as design, develop and implement projects for scientific and technological research, training and professional skills. For further information, visit: