LiDAR USA announced ScanLook is ready for shipping.

LiDAR USA announced in early April that ScanLook is now ready for shipping. Having been in the prototype stage since March 2011 the commercially ready package became available in April 2012 after a year of thorough testing. Combining the very popular FARO FOCUS, the compact Velodyne HD32, the wildly popular GoPro HD video cameras, and a NovAtel INS system allows ScanLook to achieve a small, effective, and affordable Mobile Mapping System. ScanLook can be used for survey grade (mm) and GIS (cm) mapping. In addition, static scans using the FOCUS can be done quickly on a tripod or from the mobile mount as well.

"Versatility is key", says Daniel Fagerman, CTO. "It can be mounted on almost any mobile platform including cars, trucks, ATV’s, boats, rails, and even on a Powered Parachute or Gyro-plane. The entire system is controlled via a wireless connection typically via an iPad or Android tablet. Although a tremendous amount of data is captured it is all stored on small SD cards with many hours of capture possible in a single session."

Jeff Fagerman, CEO, is pleased to add that "ScanLook pricing starts at $130k for an accurate surveying system allowing for a breakthrough in the mobile mapping market. We envisioned ScanLook to be a stern competitor for the $1M systems and are pleased that it has reached this goal and even more. Because of its size alone ScanLook can go places the much larger systems cannot go."

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