Free 3DReshaper Viewer

Deliver and Communicate your 3D Data

Lyon, France, May 10th 2011 Technodigit is pleased to announce that a free 3D viewer is now available for download.

Whether you are or not a 3DReshaper user, no authorization code is required; but a simple registration gives an immediate access to a very helpful tool for delivering and sharing your 3D data with your customers.

The 3DReshaper 3D viewer allows you to:

  • import point clouds, 3D meshes, polylines and CAD files in various file formats,
  • visualize these elements in orthographic or perspective view,
  • make 3D measurement and display the information,
  • view and edit a 3D comparison between 2 objects performed by Reshaper (create new inspection labels, export the deviation data as a file or as a customizable report).

The full 3DReshaper version is also available for download on This is the opportunity to try out the latest release of Reshaper V7 in beta version.

Technodigit, the Reshaper Technology

The 3DReshaper software is developed by Technodigit, a French company part of Hexagon Metrology, the world leader in metrology technologies.

3DReshaper allows to process point clouds whatever the 3D scanner equipment.

The software offers to professionals in civil engineering, architecture, cultural heritage and surveying a versatile and affordable solution covering their needs in 3D modeling, 3D comparison, texturing and 3D measurements

3DReshaper is also used in 3D inspection and reverse-engineering, as well as for medical application and dental CAD.

For more information, please contact:

Nicolas Landrivon

Marketing & Commercial Support

The RESHAPER technology


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