GKS Engineering Services Customer, Sbyke, Wins Two Prestigious Awards

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN, April 2012) Laser Design and GKS, the leading providers of ultra-precise 3D scanning systems and measurement services for over 30 years, are proud to announce that one of their engineering services customers, Sbyke USA, LLC, has won awards for its outstanding patented rear-steer kick scooter from both Popular Science and Parenting magazines. Receiving top honors in Popular Sciences Wheel Wars competition and Parentings Best in Play, the sbyke was also an instant hit at the 2011 American International Toy Fair in New York.

Sbyke co-founders Steve and Bart Wilson wanted to use the most advanced technologies to design, test, and build their innovative and fun product. Since it was to be a childrens toy, safety was also a big concern. They first contacted GKS Services Corp. to perform high-accuracy 3D laser scanning on the hand-built one-of-a-kind sbyke prototype and create a 3D digital model necessary for further development and manufacture.

The 3D laser system scanned the rudimentary prototype completely and very accurately in less than an hour. Design issues were easily addressed in the CAD solid model GKS created from the scan data. Because laser scanning is such an efficient method to obtain accurate 3D data of complex shapes, the whole design and development process took only a couple of months to complete, versus many months with traditional manual measurement methods and 2D design drawings.

The company was so satisfied with the scanning results that they contracted with GKS for a more complex process to further develop the sbyke product and bring it to market: Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of the metal frame to assure mechanical fidelity and safety of the vehicle. Results of the virtual FEA analyses allowed the company to choose the optimal material to meet the required strength, resilience, and safety standards.

Test riders determined that the sbykes competitors were no match in maneuverability and that the sbyke was far superior when riders executed five-foot turns. The novel rear-steer system in sbyke enables such precision carving maneuvers. Steve Wilson describes the sbyke experience: Both kids and adults thrive with exercise that challenges their motor skills. The thrill of riding a sbyke is like the unforgettable sensation of skiing down freshly-powdered slopes.

The full spectrum of GKSs engineering service saved the company time and money in the product development phase and in the manufacturing process. The speed of laser scanning plus the expertise of GKS engineers resulted in fast, continuous service from professionals who had a deep multi-layered understanding and experience with the breadth of the entire project. We at GKS Services Corp. are proud of our contribution to the sbykes structural integrity, and are always glad when our customers successfully launch a new product, commented C. Martin Schuster, GKS CEO. The companys winning the Popular Science and Parenting awards is an added well-deserved honor.

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About Sbyke USA, LLC

Sbyke USA, LLC was formed in the board sport mecca of San Clemente, California by beach

locals Brad Wernli and brothers Bart and Steve Wilson. The vision of a quick-carving beach cruiser came together as the patented sbyke rear-steer platform. For further information, go to www.sbyke.com.