Laser Design Installs Zeiss CT Scanning System at Schneider Electric in Cedar Rapids

(Minneapolis, MN; March 2012) – Laser Design Inc., the leading supplier of 3D laser scanners for over 25 years, announced that Schneider Electric recently installed a Zeiss METROTOM CT scanning system in its Cedar Rapids, Iowa facility. The CT scanner captures all surfaces, both external and internal, of complex free-form parts and assemblies without harming the object. Adding such an advanced non-destructive scanning system to Schneiders arsenal of 3D imaging capabilities will improve the robustness of their products, including single parts, assemblies, and molds. CT scanning allows Schneider engineers to look inside complex assemblies to insure their fit and function, while reducing their time to market.

A repeat customer for Laser Designs high-precision scanning systems, Schneider Electric continues to improve the quality of their products through the thorough inspection made possible by CT scanning. Schneider Electric understands the importance of analysis in their fabrication and qualification processes, explained C. Martin Schuster, President and CEO of Laser Design. Our ultra-precise CT scanning system from Zeiss provides the Schneider plant with assurance of their parts and assemblies geometry, including internal features. All dimensions of parts are accessible and measurement accuracies are unparalleled.

TheZEISSMETROTOM CT-based coordinate measuring machine has a wide performance range. The internal and external geometry of parts made of plastic, ceramics or composite materials, as well as magnesium, aluminum and steel, can be measured and efficiently evaluated. A very long service life is enabled by the open X-ray tube technology. Ideal magnification can be selected for each application. The CT system can also be equipped with a higher resolution detector to make very fine part structures visible, and the enlarged detailed view can be measured with extremely high accuracy.

Schneider Electric also employs over a dozen other Laser Design high-accuracy Surveyor ZS and DS systems and portable FS-series scanning systems in its manufacturing facilities worldwide, from the U.S. to China, India, Mexico, and Europe. Laser Design can supply precision 3D measurement systems for every application, large and small, along with expert scanning services.

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