Cover large areas with the new efficient Multi Flight Planning

With the new 2.4 MAVinci Dektop Release MAVinci introduces a novelity on the UAS market: The advanced Multi Flight Planning Tool for mapping applications. It automatically calculates multiple flight plans to cover areas which exceed the range of one flight. The acquisition of large area orthophotos and DEMs is optimized with MAVinci Desktop 2.4. The new tool saves up to 30% flight time for large UAS missions. Another benefit is that every single flight plan can be operated in the line of sight of the operator. For postprocessing, the data of multiple flights can be joined again to process the whole area in one block.

After selecting the area of interest and the desired GSD (Ground sampling distance) of the aerial images the software automatically determines whether the area can be covered in one flight. If more than one flight is necessary the flight plan is instantly split in two or more flight plans. The optimized multi flight planning saves time and avoids unnecessary overlap between the single flight plans.

I did not believe the software could perform this, but it did – excellent! stated Ilkka Valli (, a MAVinci customer. Making flight plans in the office and then adjusting it in the field according to wind and other conditions can be done well with this software.

All current MAVinci customers will get a free upgrade to the 2.4 MAVinci Desktop release. It also includes several other new features such as: reduction of complexity of operation modes and new post processing export functions such as KML export. More information about our aerial image and Mapping UAS are available at