ASC Announces Sojitz Aerospace as Distributor in Japan

Santa Barbara, CA — (February 27, 2012) — Advanced Scientific Concepts, Inc. (ASC), the leading supplier of 3D Flash LIDAR cameras (3D FLC), would like to formally announce Distribution in Japanwith Sojitz Aerospace.

Sojitz Aerospace has a long history of importing quality product into Japan, and will be representing ASC in key Japanese industries, looking for emerging 3D Flash LIDAR technology for Automotive, Aviation, Space, Marine & Unmanned Vehicles/Robotics. They will be responsible for all facets of ASC’s business in Japan, including promotion, marketing, sales and support.

"ASC is proud to have a world-class partner of Sojitz’ stature," said Dr. Roger Stettner, President and CEO of Advanced Scientific Concepts, Inc. "We look forward to working with them to promote 3D Flash LIDAR technology in Japan."

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