Aerial Services Adds Seasoned LiDAR Consultant, Chuck Boyer, As Director of Business Development

Aerial Services, Inc. (ASI), longtime geospatial imagery, processing, mapping, and terrain provider is pleased to announce the addition of Chuck Boyer as Director of Business Development.

Mr. Boyer brings over 15 years of customer service, consulting, and sales experience to the Aerial Services team. Chuck will assist Aerial Services with all lines of business including imagery acquisition, ortho processing, and vector mapping, but his priority will be to build Aerial Services’ LiDAR business. His considerable skills in sales team management, customer service training, and marketing tasks will also be an important asset to the company.

"Chuck is an exciting addition to Aerial Services’ already great team of professionals," noted Mike Tully, President & CEO. "His integrity and customer focus, coupled with his extensive technical knowledge, makes him an ideal person to represent Aerial Services and to provide geospatial solutions to our clients using LiDAR and our existing suite of remote-sensing services."

Since Mr. Boyer will work in his home state of Texas (Houston metropolitan area), Aerial Services has established a remote office there to allow Southern United States clients easier access to their offerings. A local mailing address and contact number are now available on the Aerial Services website. Mr. Boyer is available for regular consulting in the Houston, nearby areas, and adjacent States.

"The addition of a presence in Texas allows Aerial Services to promote our national footprint to areas and markets who have had limited direct contact with us in the past," stated Vice President & CFO, Kirk Fisher. "With Chuck’s help, the expansion of our LiDAR solutions, our decades of imagery experience, and an emphasis on the Southern U.S., we will be able to better service oil, gas, electrical, transportation, and other related industries."

To learn more about Aerial Services or contact Chuck Boyer regarding his hiring or project inquires, please visit and/or contact him direct at at 281-733-1992 or

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