Hyundai Motor Accelerates Product Development with Rapidform 3D Scanning Software

Seoul, Korea November 15, 2011 Hyundai Motor Company is using Rapidform XOR and Rapidform XOV 3D scanning software to speed product development and ensure the quality of its new vehicles. Hyundais R&D division has standardized on Rapidform for the creation of CAD models from 3D scan data, a process that is becoming more popular as automakers and other manufacturers realize the time and cost savings offered by 3D scanning.

Hyundais R&D division employs 3D scanning in several different areas, including its design studio. As part of the design and styling process, clay models are created, refined and then captured with a 3D scanner. Hyundai uses Rapidform XOR to convert the 3D scan data into NURBS surfaces and sections which are further refined into Class A surfaces in a surface modeling software. These Class A surfaces are then used to develop Hyundais new cars.

The company also uses Rapidform XOR for parametric solid modeling. After scanning powertrain and other mechanical components, Hyundai engineers create CAD models in Rapidform XOR, without the need for any other software. By building the CAD models in Rapidform, Hyundai doesnt need to use a separate license of CAD to convert 3D scans to solid models, which saves time. More importantly, it reduces the chance for errors because accuracy is tracked in real time by Rapidforms Accuracy Analyzer technology.

Hyundais pilot team, which builds the first series of every new vehicle, uses Rapidform XOV to check the quality of each new products body-in-white (BIW). After a BIW is produced, it is 3D scanned and the data is imported into Rapidform XOV. Quality engineers then compare the scan to the original CAD design, checking both the contours and specific dimensional features of each BIW. Using geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) and deviation analysis, theyre able to pinpoint problems and address them quickly.

Rapidform XOR has been recognized as the only viable choice for parametric solid modeling from 3D scan data in a U.S. Air Force-funded study. Rapidform XOV is the only software to use the intelligence of CAD to make point cloud based inspection faster and easier than ever before.

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