LiDAR Services, LLC completes 1145 mile Thermal Rating Project

October 20, 2011

LiDAR Services, LLC., announces the completion of field data collection on a 1145 mile transmission line thermal rating program in the USA. The LiDAR survey was conducted to verify that the transmission lines physical condition is consistent with current operations to satisfy NERC Line Rating requirements.

The total 1145 mile project consisted of 465 miles of an existing 250 kV HV DC line and approximately 680 miles of existing 115 kV and 230 kV AC transmission lines. LiDAR Services LLC., utilized a MATRIX LiDAR system with an EXOCAM forward imagery and MET turret, both designed and built by LiDAR Services International (LSI) located in Calgary Canada. The MATRIX LiDAR system was installed in a Bell 206B3 helicopter. Data collection included LiDAR swath data, downward digital imagery, forward digital video, forward high resolution individual tower photos, as well as real time MET (meteorological) readings taken along the transmission line corridor.

LiDAR Services, LLC teamed with a large US based consulting engineering firm for the contract award.

About LiDAR Services, LLC:

LiDAR Services LLC., is a wholly owned subsidiary of LiDAR Services International Inc. LLC is a registered Nevada airborne LiDAR service company.

About LiDAR Services International Inc. (LSI):

Based in Calgary Alberta, LSI is a highly experienced LiDAR service company offering LiDAR mapping and digital imagery data collection services for a wide variety of industries. LSI has completed LiDAR projects in the USA, Canada, South and Central America, SE Asia and Africa. LSI has flown over 50,000 km of existing transmission lines for thermal rating and vegetation management applications. LSI is a privately owned company with a staff of 22 highly qualified team members.