QCoherent Announces New Release and Advanced Classification Features

Nashville, TN – QCoherent Software LLC, the worlds leading developer of LIDAR tools for the ArcGIS environment, previewed its impending release of the 2011.1 LP360 LIDAR product suite this week at the annual Training Event in Nashville, TN.

LP360 includes an ArcGIS extension version as well as standalone versions with no CAD or GIS prerequisites. In addition to numerous new features, the company announced a renaming of the product set:

LP360 Basic (formerly LP360) LIDAR data import, visualization, QC and product generation

LP360 Standard (formerly Classify) Adds interactive data classification, geometry-based classification, conflation, breakline and hydrologic enforcement tools to the Basic version

LP360 Advanced (formerly Extractor) Add algorithmic classification to the Standard version

Among the many new features are algorithmic tools (LP360 Advanced version) including:

Low Points finds single or clusters of low points in preparation for ground classification

Isolated Points finds isolated points that are too sparse to form a surface (such as spurious water reflections)

Ground Classifier Automatically classifies points that have reflected from ground

Statistical Noise Identifies points based on deviation excursions. Useful for removing noise from a ground surface

Point group vectorization Constructs polygons, in shape file format, of point clusters of a designated class(es) useful for constructions such as vegetation polygons

In addition to a number of other new features, LP360 standalone is now available in a 64-bit version.

Each license of LP360 includes the right to run a single (non-simultaneous) instance of LP360 for ArcGIS, LP360 32-bit or LP360 64-bit. This packaging offers customers maximum flexibility in how the software is deployed and used.

QCoherent continues to offer its GeoCue integrated solutions for Quality Check/Edit (LP360 EQC) and railway feature extraction (LP360 RFX) through its OEM relationship with GeoCue Corporation.

QCoherent Software LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of GeoCue Corporation. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, QCoherent Software is the creator of the LP360 product suite and LIDAR Server. Additional information can be found at www.qcoherent.com, www.lidarserver.com, or by inquiry via email (info@qcoherent.com).

ArcGIS is a registered trademark of ESRI Corporation. GeoCue is a registered trademark of GeoCue Corporation.