Topo Analyst 1.0 Available Online

Starkville, Miss., 17, August 2011 — Spatial Information Solutions, Inc. (SIS) released Topo Analyst 1.0 (TA 1.0), the second product in Map Accuracy Tools, and began delivering to customers in July. As of today, customers can purchase Topo Analyst directly from the SIS website by visiting A sample Topo Analyst Report can also be viewed from this link by clicking Support Documents and opening the report.

In developing and releasing Topo Analyst, Charles OHara, SIS President, said, Our customers and industry leaders kept telling us, we really like Accuracy Analyst and wish you would develop the same capabilities for analyzing and verifying terrain data, especially LiDAR data sets. Our customers and the industry asked, and SIS delivered. Customers who have already purchased Topo Analyst love the tool and the report that provides test results that meet standards and requirements for LiDAR data products.

Topo Analyst 1.0 delivers the same streamlined workflow, ease of use, and readily understood results you expect from SIS software. Topo Analyst lets you test LiDAR point cloud data, DEM data products, and other raster elevation data (such as IFSAR). With Topo Analyst, you can make sure you are producing, buying, or using data that meet your specifications and mapping needs. Topo Analyst gives producers, customers, and users the ability to verify accuracy and quality with benefits including the following:

Automatically verify the accuracy of elevation data

Evaluate LiDAR LAS point-cloud data as well as raster DEMs

Comprehensively test elevation uncertainty by land cover types

Input tile layers and evaluate enormous data sets

Results compliant with LiDAR accuracy standards

To schedule a webex or for purchasing or pricing inquiries about Topo Analyst, or other SIS products, please contact Leslie OHara or simply buy online at .

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