DIELMO 3D LiDAR Tools, Experience and Expertise Provides Superior LiDAR Products

DIELMO 3D S.L. has extensive research experience in processing LiDAR data, having completed many projects as LiDAR data provider and producer in Spain. From their experience in LiDAR processing, Dielmo has developed their own software for LiDAR product generation, providing higher quality results than commercial software used by other LiDAR service providers.

Working with their own software provides the ability to develop and customize tools specifically to their customers requirements, adjusting them to each projects specifications. Additionally, Dielmo is continuously developing new functionalities to address any problems that may arise when generating LiDAR products and provide enhanced capabilities thanks to their I+D department which is focused on the latest developments in LiDAR data processing.

With close client participation and contribution, DIELMO has developed exclusive methodology for obtaining the best LiDAR products for all applications. Dielmo is confident that they provide the best technical solution and optimal experience to handle any LiDAR project.

Dielmos technological solutions are:

Dielmo Server Technology

Unique Global Servers of LiDAR data, orthophotos and DTM’s over the internet/intranet.

Dielmo 3D Viewer

Customized 3D virtual scenarios based on NASA World Wind open source software


Open Source Software for the management and quality control of LiDAR data


Own internal software for LiDAR data processing, customizable for each need.

DIELMO’sprofessional team is working daily in research, development and innovation providing new solutions to the market. Working togetherwith experts from different fields such as hydraulics, forestry, with a common objective to obtain new final products adjusted to user’s needs at low cost, allowing the use of LiDAR data for applications which were unthinkable just a few years ago.

DIELMO is the only Spanish company actively attending the main worldwide events related with LiDAR technology (ILMF and ELMF); attending as exhibitor in the conferences or as speaker in the scientific conventions. DIELMO CEO, Jos Carlos Garca, is a member of the scientific committee of the European LiDAR Mapping Forum (ELMF) from 2010.

About DIELMO 3D S.L.

Since 2003, DIELMO (DIgital ELevation MOdels) offers a broad range of products and services connected with Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and Remote Sensing, and focusing its efforts on internal research projects creating their own technology for production, quality control and distribution of geographic information.

DIELMO has become one of the main DTM, digital cartography, acquisition and LiDAR processing and virtual scenarios generation providers in Spain, offering total geographic information solutions and is now in the process of offering their technology to the international community, with distributors of their products and services in Chile, Japan, USA and Oceania For more information contact: Central Office : C/ Vicente Casaban Sena 14 Bajo 46950 Xirivella, Valencia; Tel./Fax: +34 963 137 212; E-mail: dielmo@dielmo.com

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