BIM – Its Not Just for New Builds, Its for Life

Digital Surveys, a leading UK land and 3D laser scanning company, have launched the first BIM company of its kind in the UK, eBIM (Existing Building Information Modelling).

eBIM will focus on the growing demand from architects and contractors for accurate surveys of existing buildings and infrastructure in a BIM or REVIT format .

Formed by a collective of architects, technologists, surveyors and laser scanning experts, eBIM is the first company to specialise in providing BIM surveys. eBIM have managed to achieve this by developing unique work flows utilising the new Faro Focus 3D laser scanner.

Weve been carrying out laser surveys for over 3 years and the equipment has been continually evolving. The Focus 3D is light and portable, making fast digital documentation of large structures as easy as taking photos

Ben Bennett Company MD.

The speed of the Focus means that site time is dramatically reduced and its small footprint makes a one man scanning operation possible.

With the new native point cloud support in Revit 2012 the modelling process has matured, allowing eBIM modellers to work directly with the point data in 3D.

eBIM also extensively utilise Faros Webshare software.

Webshare has become an essential tool for our modellers, providing a full photographic quality survey of the site. Everything can be checked and QA before it goes into the model commented Ben.

eBIM have already completed a number of prestigious projects with the most recent being a 20,000 sq m conference centre for Parsons Brinckerhoff. Scanning allowed the entire site, including all the services and pipe work in the ceiling void to be captured. This type of project couldnt be achieved using conventional methods with the speed and accuracy that laser scanning is providing.

By delivering the final survey as a full BIM model, the end users are able to focus on what they do best, designing without requiring additional training or hardware to use the point data.

The construction sector is going through its biggest change since the introduction of CAD replaced hand drafting. Technology like the Faro Focus 3D combined with the latest BIM software is allowing eBIM to create new digital 3D workflows that allow large construction projects to be delivered faster, more accurately and to a higher level of detail.

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