Bluesky Maps Potential for Free Electricity

Bluesky Solar Maps are helping businesses in the South of England benefit from free or low cost electricity. Working with Tidebank Energy, Bluesky has identified commercial properties across Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex that have suitable roofs for arrays of solar panels. Qualifying businesses can enjoy free Solar electricity in exchange for renting their roof space to Tidebank Energy – who install, manage and maintain the solar array with no cost to the property owner.

Blueskys Solar Maps offered us a quick yet highly effective method of identifying commercial properties that would be suitable for solar panels. The alternatives walking the streets or trawling through online mapping portals such as Google Earth – simply werent viable, commented Kevin Jones, Partner of Tidebank Energy LLP. The maps were easy to use and have helped us locate a huge number of previously unknown properties with real potential. The Bluesky maps also help us pre qualify our approach to prospective clients.

Using the Bluesky Solar Maps, Tidebank can identify commercial properties with optimum conditions for solar panel arrays. Following agreement with the property owner Tidebank install a photovoltaic (a method of generating electrical power by converting solar radiation) system, which they pay for and retain ownership of. The property owner can then use as much of the generated electricity as they wish with the remainder being fed back to the National Grid generating income for Tidebank under the Governments Clean Energy Cash Back scheme.

Bluesky has a unique method of generating solar potential maps using photogrammetric techniques to accurately measure and record factors that may contribute to the suitability for solar power. Bluesky calculates the energy potential using high resolution aerial photography combined with 3D data to determine the size, aspect and gradient of individual properties. The suitability of each roof element is then considered taking into account roof shape and other impediments such as sky lights or dormer windows, as well as potential obstructions such as neighbouring properties or trees. Bluesky can also provide measurements for other environmental energy projects such as wind turbines, micro hydro and heat pumps.


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