Tiltan Announces Exclusive Sales Agreement with ITT VIS for TLiD Airborne LIDAR Data Processing Product

Petach Tikva, Israel, -July 11, 2011 Tiltan Systems Engineering, a leading developer and provider of visualization and mapping solutions, is pleased to announce that it has signed an exclusive global licensing and sales agreement with ITT Visual Information Solutions (ITT VIS), a subsidiary of ITT Corporation (NYSE: ITT), for its TLiD automatic airborne LiDAR data processing product.

TLiD is an automatic airborne LiDAR data processing software product that transforms geo-referenced point clouds into GIS layers and 3D models. TLiD enables the processing of large quantities of data, and the creation DTM, DSM, SHP files to represent buildings and power lines, trees list and other items. TLiD automatically creates a 3D view of the mapped area.

"We are very pleased that ITT VIS has chosen to incorporate TLiD into its visualization and image analysis software product line, said Oodi Menaker, VP marketing and sales for Tiltan. The ITT VIS choice of TLiD is a validation of Tiltans continuing leadership and expertise in geographic data analysis software. Tiltan looks forward to seeing ITT employ its global distribution network to turn this technology into an industry leading tool, he concluded.

The licensing agreement with ITT VIS considerably strengthens the status of Tiltan as a leading technology developer and will enable its highly motivated professional team to focus on the introduction of Tiltan’s next innovative advanced technology for automatic extraction of GIS information from photogrammetric data.

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