MDL Launches New Website

MDL is pleased to announce the updating of its website

The new website shows the extensive range of laser based products that MDL have developed over the last twenty years including the Dynascan mobile mapping system. MDLs extensive design, engineering and development skills have established the company as a world leader in the laser business and its enviable reputation continues to grow. The up to date look and feel of the website encompasses product details, video, animation, news, reviews and contact information.

Dynascan sales have accelerated significantly since its launch just under two years ago. Systems are now in everyday use worldwide, including the Americas, Europe, Middle and Far East as well as Australia. The success of this new class of mobile mapper is put down to its ease of use, rugged portability, IP 67 rating and simple Ethernet (or cable less WiFi) interface. A complete entry level system including laser scanner, IMU,GNSS system and RTK/VRS radio receivers with software package lists for under $100,000.

The ability to mobilise a system in 5 minutes out of the box and the real time results display on a laptop computer without the need to employ a rocket scientist to operate the equipment means that almost any small surveying or engineering company can now enter the lucrative LiDAR mobile mapping market.