IXBLUE INC. (USA) Formation Announced

IXBLUE SAS (France) is pleased to announce the formation of IXBLUE Inc. (USA) in the United States for sales, service and support for the IXBLUE family of companies. IXBLUE SAS (France) with over 500 employees and sales in excess of $125 Million USD worldwide is the parent company for the well known IXSEA Division and their product line of Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG) Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS). In addition to the IXSEA product line, IXBLUE Inc. (USA) will represent the following IXBLUE divisions in the North American Region for sales, service and support;

IXMOTION – 1, 2 and 3 axis testing equipment;

IXFIBER – specialty optical fiber;

IXWAVE – ocean acoustic research and development capability

IXSPACE – space qualified FOG IMU systems

IXSURVEY – specialized survey services for special applications

SODENA – ECDIS and WECDIS navigation products

IXBLUE inc. (USA) is located in Cambridge Massachusetts, with training and support Office in Houston Texas, and is continuing to develop both hardware and software engineering capabilities with a goal of building and calibrating FOG equipment in the USA. Under the IXBLUE family we will see an emergence of new offerings as we converge our technologies and work with partners and customers to meet and exceed their expectations says Phillip Wilson, the new Managing Director of IXBLUE inc.



Phillip Wilson

General Manager, IXBLUE Inc.



About iXBlue

The iXBlue group is built around companies, well known for their continuous innovation. The group provides a range of fine, high technology equipments, systems and turn-key solutions in the areas of navigation and surveillance, underwater positioning and communication, seabed imaging and surveying. iXBlue is able to combine its unique technologies, products, systems and services from across its subsidiaries to provide the kind of solutions that cannot be found anywhere else in the industry. In 2010, iXBlue counts 500 employees for a turnover of 95 M.

To learn more about iXBlue, visit the companys website at www.ixblue.com