3D Laser Mapping Delivers UKs First Long Range Laser Scanner

Nottingham, UK, 04 April 2011 3D Laser Mapping has delivered the first long-range laser scanner in the UK. Purchased by Mining Surveys (UK) the VZ-1000 allows for high speed, non-contact surveying at distances of up to 1,400 metres making it ideal for use in inhospitable and difficult to access areas. The narrow laser beam and fast scanning mechanism enables superior performance and accuracies of measurement, even under adverse weather conditions.

The VZ-1000, which also includes specialist operating and processing software together with an optional integrated high-resolution digital camera, was specifically designed for long-range topography and mining operations yet can be applied to monitoring, civil engineering, archaeological and architectural projects.

We chose the VZ-1000 as it is quite simply the best all round scanner, commented John Halifax, Principal Director of Chesterfield based Mining Surveys (UK). The range allows us to survey large areas such as coastal zones, quarries, landfills and other inaccessible sites from a safe vantage point. It also delivers levels of speed and accuracy that means we can more than compete with the more traditional shorter range devices. I believe this is the first real future proof scanner on the market and that it will be a long time before we see anything better!

Mining Surveys has already completed a number of projects using the VZ-1000 including a survey of a live electricity supply station, Sheffield Cathedral and an area of mudflats close to construction sites on the River Thames.

Since taking delivery from 3D Laser Mapping we have really put the scanner to the test operating in heavy rain while racing against an incoming tide. Yet, unlike a phase based scanner, the VZ-1000 continued to perform well in such adverse conditions, continued John Halifax. The scanner also came into its own surveying a live electricity supply station where non contact surveying is obviously a must. We were able to complete the data capture phase of the project in just one a half days compared to four or five days for a conventional survey and we captured additional data while on site that was later requested by the client.

The VZ-1000 utilises unique echo digitisation and online waveform analysis to achieve superior performance and accuracies of measurement, even under adverse weather conditions. Achieving accuracies of 5mm at ranges of up to 1,400 metres (an increase of 800 metres on earlier models) the VZ-1000 can measure up to 122,000 points per second with a 100 x 360-degree field of view. The VZ-1000 is part of Riegls V-Line Range; the first to include Online Waveform Analysis and Echo Digitisation enabling measurement of multiple targets, with improved accuracy for distance measurements, very high measurement and scanning rates and output of a quality indicator for each measurement.

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Mining Surveys (UK) is a specialist survey company with over thirty years experience in the mining, heavy civil engineering and construction industries. An impressive client base that includes the East Midlands Development Agency, Freedom Group, Scottish Coal, UK Coal Mining and Transport Scotland has seen the company complete a wide range of surveying projects such as volumetric analysis of one of Europes most contaminated sites, non contact surveying of live electrical installations and monitoring of slope instability especially in areas prone to landslides. For further information see www.miningsurveys.co.uk