Defense GameTech Users’ Conference in Orlando, FL March 21-23, 2011 at Booth #20.

TerraSim developers and engineers will perform product demonstrations of its TerraTools plug-ins. Currently, TerraTools plug-ins support serious gaming with database export to VBS2 (Virtual Battlespace 2), Steel Beasts Professional, and X-Plane, and correlated export to constructive formats such as OneSAF OTF, JCATS, JointSAF, and others. Supported visual formats include OpenSceneGraph and OpenFlight. All exporters are available as separately purchased plug-ins, allowing customers to mix and match components for the lowest price solution for their terrain needs.

TerraTools generates complex urban and large-scale databases for serious games and constructive simulation runtimes. All databases exported from TerraTools are correlated by design, not translation, ensuring the best geospatial accuracy across runtimes.

Highlighting correlated demonstrations will be "Terrastan", an Afghan-like environment, and a Camp Lejeune environment demonstrating littoral zone operations. Demonstrations include the linking of OneSAF 5.1, VBS2, Steel Beasts Pro and MK VR-Forces on these real-world environments.

TerraSim will also demonstrate TerraTools(R) 4.0, which supports 64-bit native database construction. Using large address space workstations, TerraTools rapidly constructs complex training environments using commercial GIS, DoD geospatial source data, imagery, and CAD models in a Windows environment. TerraTools’ unique 64-bit multi-threaded database processing outperforms legacy multiple workstation solutions at a fraction of the cost.

To schedule an appointment or demonstration of any of TerraSim’s products, please contact our team at or visit us at Booth #20.

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