PointTalk New LiDAR Blog

I just became aware of a new offering in the LiDAR/laser scanning blogosphere PointTalk. It is based on the experience of a company called Allpoint Systems and its founder Dr. Aaron Morris, Ph.D. graduate of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). Their perspective comes from experience with autonomous robots that were used to map underground spaces using LiDAR

Allpoint has developed a toolkit based on a set of automated processing algorithms that is derived from a fusion of computer vision and mobile robotics research and technology. It is geared toward very large LiDAR datasets.

For example: processing 1.5 Million linear feet of wastewater piping, providing 60 miles of real-time sensor mapping from a TMLS platform, and processing mobile LiDAR data for over 550 overhead bridge spans along 800 miles of interstate highway (in weeks versus months of budgeted manual processing). Now that is a LiDAR project.

Welcome to the blogosphere and we look forward to your insights.