Non-Scanning 3D Flash LiDAR Camera Onboard Discovery

Advanced Scientific Concepts, Inc. ASC announced that their flash LiDAR camera (FLC) -the DragonEye 3D FLC is part of the scientific payload on the final flight of Discovery. ASC claims to be the only manufacturer of flash Lidar cameras.

The DragonEye is capable of capturing a full array of 128128 independently triggered 3D range pixels per frame up to 30 frames per second in real-time. The DragonEye is designed to be used for Automated Rendezvous and Docking (AR&D) and possible On-orbit Satellite Servicing (OSS).

If perhaps you are wondering what the next technology breakthrough in our industry is going to be I believe you would have to consider flash LiDAR. Its the non-mechanical, i.e. no motion distortion that makes this technology the preferred foundation for automated 3D applications from mobile vehicles in air, space or on the ground, to 3D videos for mapping, surveillance, games or movies.