Laser Scanning Android App

I had a comment last week about the PanoMap Android app that supports laser scans. I received a link to CSAs 2 page brochure on this impressive product. It appears that they use a database of point cloud images to provide field personnel with data that can be matched to their location. The database can include the original scans as well as 3D CAD models merged into the scans.

For those who have not been following the tablet/smart phone developments over the past year it appears that there will be 2 camps Apple and Android. Android is the competing OS to iOS. Android is from Google. It can support Flash, which Apple does not, plus distribution of the apps are not as tightly controlled as with Apple.

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show over 100 Android tablets were announced for 2011. It appears that Apple will be the consumer platform and Android the professional. Apps for either operating system work on both tablets and smart phones. This is great news because the line between the 2 is going to be dynamic.

I think you need to have a mobile computing strategy.