Laser Scanning and Nuclear Power Plants

A nuclear power plant represents one of the most challenging environments for the accurate 3D measurement of as-found conditions. Now add in the need to obtain accurate dimensions inside vessels that are filled with radioactive water and you can understand why Newton Labs is excited about their new in-vessel, underwater scanner.

The device, the NM200UW Nuclear Underwater Laser Scanner, designed in partnership with a major U.S. nuclear utility, produces a point cloud output so detailed that when utilized with industry standard three-dimensional software a full measurable CAD model can be generated. It can also be used to detect cracks an welds.

Laser scanning is also being considered in the decommissioning of nuclear power plants. The Savannah River National Laboratorys Science at Work magazine reports that a remotely control mobile scanning system shows promise for keeping workers out of dangerous areas. The system includes a Faro scanner and a video camera so that the operator can navigate around obstacles.