Kinect-powered Holographic TV

I cant say that I completely understand all of the physics supporting this, but a few of the creative minds at MIT are working on development of what they are calling holographic TV. As reported by Kit Eaton in this Fast Company article the 3D people are really looking for requires moving holograms, not the optical trickery being used with stereo glasses.

For true 3D viewing, where when you move your head you see around the object you need to start with a hologram like the image on your credit card. Then if you want video you need a moving hologram.

Now on the market for just a couple of months the MIT video lab is using a Microsoft Kinect and a MacBook to capture the data. The processing is done on a very high end PC and then a laser scanner is being used to produce the laser-display. The following video only shows red blurs you had to be there to see the laser images, but hopefully we can trust them that it works.