Esri Distributors Adding Value to GIS with earthmine

earthmine Integrates Seamlessly with Market-Leading Esri Desktop, Web and Mobile GIS Solutions; Extending Value and Making it Easy to Share Complex 3D Data

earthmine today announced three international distributors of Esri, the global-leader in GIS software, are partnering with earthmine to deliver 3D street level imagery in conjunction with Esris desktop, web and mobile solutions to customers in Greece, Korea and Singapore. These new earthmine partners join the growing ranks of customers and distributors who are utilizing the 3D street level imagery, software, and services offered by earthmine.

Since releasing earthmine for ArcGIS, we have received a great deal of interest from Esri international distributors looking to offer earthmine products and solutions directly to their customers, said Anthony Fassero, founder and co-CEO of earthmine.

When it comes to implementing a successful GIS, the number-one cost in both time and money, is populating the GIS with meaningful data. earthmine lowers the barrier to entry for potential GIS customers by providing a fast, cost-effective way to populate a GIS with data. Esri and earthmine together deliver a whole solution that is truly greater than the sum of the parts, said Fassero.

earthmine technology makes it possible to collect detailed and accurate 3D street level imagery of every street, alley or freeway in a metropolitan area. With its flexible set of desktop software, hosting options and developer tools, earthmines solution offers companies and government agencies a complete and efficient way to collect, process and work with 3D street level imagery within their existing GIS workflow.

earthmines Solution Meets a Variety of Distributor Needs

Marathon Data Systems, a veteran Esri distributor of 28 years, dominates the majority of the local GIS market in Greece and Cyprus. Marathon serves customers across government organizations such as municipalities, mining, geology, agriculture, environmental and utilities, as well as universities and technological institutions.

Our Esri clients will benefit from earthmine technology in a variety of ways, said Adonis Kontos, president of Marathon Data Systems. Its direct integration with the geodatabase, and the accuracy of its data, saves time, money and resources. Its also very easy to use no special training is required.

Esri Korea is the GIS software and solution leader in Korea, and recently exhibited earthmine solutions at its own user conference. Esri Korea has major customers in government organizations and public offices such as the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Environment and Agriculture, Korea Forest Service and National Policy Agency and Emergency Management Agency.

Our goal is to be the highest value GIS software, solutions and services company in the Asia-Pacific, and earthmine is a perfect match for our geospatial data services, said Jung-Ho Jang, marketing manager of Esri Korea. We are seeing strong interest for earthmines add-in for ArcGIS which directly and seamlessly connects with the geodatabase. We are also impressed with earthmines high-tech data collection solutions, efficient data processing, and 3D point technology. There is growing interest from customers who are online, as well as smartphone users. earthmines integration with web and mobile GIS is a tremendous business opportunity helping us expand sales of GIS solutions to new markets and users.

Operating since 1990, Esri Singapore is a leading GIS player in Singapore. Esri Singapore specializes in GIS technology and solutions with a broad range of products, services and complete spatial solution offerings. Its customers include many national agencies such as the Ministry of Defense, Police Force, Land Transport Authority, Singapore Land Authority, National Water Utility, Singapore Power, National Parks Board and more.

earthmines street level imaging technology and seamless integration of earthmines product suite with ArcGIS makes it the ideal data set to complement our products and services, thus extending the usefulness and value of GIS for our clients, said Thomas Pramotedham, commercial director for Esri Singapore. earthmine for ArcGIS provides our clients with an effective way to visualize map data in context, and allow geodata collection via a simple point- and- click interface.

earthmine offers a worldwide standard in collecting, managing and distributing rich, 3D spatial data, and our partners ensure this solution is tailor-fit for their local market, said Fassero. We provide resellers with the flexibility to market and resell earthmines products and services as they desire to their customers. Whether they want to gather data themselves, or design, develop and deploy their own applications using earthmines developer tools, we have the technology and programs to support them.

About earthmine

earthmines mobile 3D mapping solution consists of vehicle-based mobile mapping systems, automated data processing, online hosting service or end-user hosted options, as well as client software and developer tools for integration with existing data sets and information systems. earthmine has 24 Partners in 9 countries that provide market and customer specific solutions that include earthmines solution, as well as other value added products and services. earthmine technology is used by internet, mobile, mapping, GIS, safety, and security markets worldwide in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, France, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Saudi Arabia, as well as other countries around the world. For more information, visit or follow earthmine on Twitter at

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