New AVEVA IntelliLaser for Intelligent Integration of Laser Data into Plant Asset Management Launched at SPAR Europe

Cambridge, United Kingdom, 12/06/2010 – AVEVA (LSE:AVV) one of the world’s leading providers of engineering design and information management solutions for the plant, power and marine industries, today announced the launch of AVEVA IntelliLaser at SPAR Europe 2010 in Amsterdam.

As an extension to the AVEVA NET information management solution, the new IntelliLaser product enables owner operators of industrial process plants to cost-effectively add intelligence to otherwise unintelligent laser-scan data. Unlike many applications that require time-consuming manual processes to embed object intelligence to laser scans, IntelliLaser automatically creates the associations between objects within the laser scan and asset tag information, helping owner operators to reduce operational cost and risk.

Plant owner operators are facing increasingly severe regulatory and commercial challenges for the management of information related to their operational assets. An older plant that has undergone revamp and upgrades throughout its lifecycle presents a particularly difficult problem since most of the original design and maintenance data is quickly out-of-date.

Laser scanning is now the most effective, low-cost method of creating photo-realistic views of an as-built facility. AVEVA IntelliLaser leads the industry in integrating laser-scanned data into an organisations asset management strategy. It does this by creating intelligent hotspots that automatically link piping and equipment to all their associated plant information for access through AVEVA NET. The result is an intelligent digital reference of an operational facility created in a fraction of the time it would take when using conventional manual utilities.

The benefits include:
Safer and more effective training Intelligent digital visualisation supports low-risk plant familiarisation and training for staff and suppliers. Rapid and effective communication of procedures, emergency response, instrumentation, safety systems and site regulations
Reduced danger to personnel A live plant area is a hazardous work environment. Intelligent laser scans enable users to navigate and measure items without exposing personnel to the dangers of a live site
Rapid response Photo-realistic, laser scan views are automatically linked to the asset data model produced by AVEVA NET. This provides a highly intuitive means of finding plant information, which is critical to reducing down time when quickly coordinating corrective action in response to abnormal events.
Fast addition of data It is very quick to produce new, intelligently linked scans, allowing operators to systematically add data that ensures the ever-green state of the digital plant.

Bruce Douglas, Senior VP Marketing & Product Strategy at AVEVA, commented: We are very pleased to have worked with Z&F on the development of the new AVEVA IntelliLaser product and its integration with AVEVA NET. Using IntelliLaser, customers can take scan data from all leading suppliers and automatically bring it into the asset management world. When you combine this with our existing Laser Model Interface for our PDMS and Review products, this marks AVEVA out as the clear leader for the integration of as-built data and you can expect more from us in this area in the future

AVEVA IntelliLaser incorporates LFM NetView technology, developed by Z&F UK Ltd., a leading laser scanning technology provider and long-term AVEVA partner. It is built on the AVEVA NET information management solution for easy integration with both AVEVA and third-party applications.

AVEVA IntelliLaser will be formally launched at SPAR Europe in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on 7 and 8 December 2010, where live demonstrations of the solution will be given on the AVEVA stand.

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