Trimble Tunnel Construction Solution Streamlines the Workflow of Building Road and Railway Tunnels

New Solution Can Reduce Work Stoppage Time for Measurements and Increase Safety for Job Crews

Las Vegas, Nov. 8, 2010 Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) introduced today a new field solution designed to streamline the precision construction of road and railway tunnels. Using the new Trimble Tunnel Construction Solution, contractors can improve the efficiency and safety of production blasting while providing near real-time progress monitoring and reporting accurate as-built information for project sign-off.

The announcement was made today at Trimble Dimensions 2010.

Traditional methods of tunnel production blasting require manual measurement of as-blasted results and often require lengthy delays and machine stoppages for locating underbreak (areas that require additional blasting).

The Trimble Tunnel Construction Solution leverages the Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software Tunneling Module, Trimble Tablet controller and the SPS930 Universal Total Station. This combination of precision positioning equipment and targeted software addresses the daily measuring and positioning requirements of tunnel and blast mining contractors. Contractors can reduce work stoppage time for manual measurements while also monitoring progress from a safer distance from the blasting zone. Tunneling contractors can implement one integrated solution for the entire tunnel construction workflowfrom data prep to data collection, re-scanning, and adjusting the model to correcting over and underbreak issues and QA/QC reporting.

The Trimble Tablet and Software Control the Project
Using the SCS900 software with the Trimble Tablet computer, tunneling contractors can create and reference the 3D tunnel design in the field and immediately compare that design to the as-built tunnel after every blast round. The wireless connectivity of the Trimble Tablet also allows job crews to quickly receive design changes or updates in the tunnel and to deliver measurement results back to the office for timely on-the-spot approvals. This built-in connectivity allows site engineers to rapidly communicate on-site problems, take remedial actions or request information from the project engineers without driving to the office or other sites.

The Trimble SPS930 Universal Total Station Provides an Accurate Profile of the Surface
The robotic scanning capabilities of the Trimble SPS930 Universal Total Station allow the field crew to operate at safer distances from the active blasting danger zones and provide a more accurate measurement of over/underbreak results. Tunnel-specific scanning routines in the SCS900 Tunneling Module execute up-station scanning and cross section scanning, which provide a more accurate profile of the tunnel surface.

The laser pointer on the total station isolates and automatically turns to problem areas for faster and easier correction of underbreak, then re-scan the problem area after correction. The surveyor can be preparing the machine for the next blast or be performing other tasks.

Scan data can also be used to better predict future drill hole cuttings and improve the efficiency of blasting by reducing waste of materials, time and labor.

The Trimble Tunnel Construction Solutions is expected to be available through Trimble’s worldwide Heavy and Highway Construction Distribution Channel in the fourth quarter of 2010.

About Trimble’s Heavy and Highway Division
Trimble’s Heavy and Highway Division is a leading innovator of productivity solutions for the heavy and highway contractor. Trimble’s solutions leverage a variety of technologies, including Global Positioning System (GPS), construction lasers, total stations, wireless data communications, the Internet, and application software. As part of the Trimble Connected Site strategy, these solutions provide a high-level of process and workflow integration from the design phase through to the finished projectdelivering significant improvements in productivity throughout the construction lifecycle.

About Trimble
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