Leica ScanStation C10 FW v.2.0 Unequalled Productivity and Versatility

(Norcross, 5 October 2010) Leica Geosystems firmware 2.0 adds powerful new capabilities to the Leica ScanStation C10, the industrys most popular 3D laser scanner for as-built and topographic surveys.

Many users are already raving about the productivity and versatility of the fully integrated, cable-less ScanStation C10. New firmware V2.0 adds key features that make it even more productive and versatile:
New Setup functionality lets users take advantage of known survey points and backsighting to (a) reduce the number of target placements & scans needed, and (b) eliminate registration steps back in the office. Registration of multiple scans to each other is automatic in the field!
Remote, WiFi handheld control via standard Leica CS10 or CS15 controllers provide added field flexibility when onboard display or laptop control are inconvenient or impractical
Field photo check check images taken by the C10s embedded camera right on the spot
Check Backsight lets users check on-the-spot to see if the scanner moved during a setup

This set of new firmware features leverages the ScanStation C10s fundamental system architecture, which was designed for continuous upgradeability over time. They also leverage familiar survey tools and workflows. For example, the Known Backsight and Set Azimuth Setup functions are identical to those on a Leica total station. Likewise, the Check Backsight feature provides a familiar and valuable QA step, while the handheld controllers are the same as those for the Leica Viva series of survey instruments.

We are very excited about this new set of firmware features. The Leica ScanStation C10 is already the industrys most popular scanner thanks to its breakthrough productivity and versatility these new features will only make it that much better for our customers and for new users, states Hans Tuexsen, Product Manager. The ability to incrementally add these powerful new capabilities simply via firmware reinforces Leica Geosystems leadership in High-Definition Surveying.

Firmware V2.0 is immediately available. Leica Cyclone v7.1 is being announced simultaneously as companion office software to support the new firmware features.

New Firmware V2.0 for the Leica ScanStation C10 adds features that increase the scanners productivity and versatility for as-built and topographic surveys.

Remote, WiFi handheld control via standard Leica CS10 or CS15 controllers provide added field flexibility when onboard display or laptop control are inconvenient or impractical.

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