New Leica XPro 5.0 – Digital Surface Models (DSM) and Stereo-Viewable Frame Images from Airborne Line Sensor Imagery

(Norcross, 11 October 2010) – Leica Geosystems, a leading manufacturer of airborne sensors, announces a DSM extraction module for its leading line sensor workflow Leica XPro, which provides advanced ground processing from data download to image generation. In addition, users of Leica XPro V5.0 can now generate stereo-viewable frame images from line sensor data acquired with the Leica ADS Airborne Digital Sensor, thus taking advantage of the high geometric and radiometric accuracy associated with the Leica ADS, whilst maintaining familiar workflow and data archiving standards.

Leica XPro DSM – Extracting surface models from line sensor imagery
Leica XPro DSM is tailored for high-performance and high-resolution DSM computation. This new module perfectly integrates within the Leica XPro workflow and offers an option to obviate LiDAR missions for orthophoto production and DSM generation, thus saving additional flight cost.
In addition, capturing the imagery and surface models during the same flight offers the unique advantage that image features and image geometry perfectly match with the DSM.

Leica XPro DSM has already been successfully used in production by North West Geomatics and will be released as a new module of XPro 5.0 this fall.

New Leica XPro Slicer for 100% stereo-viewable image tiles
The new Leica XPro V5.0 has more to offer. Leica XPro Slicer, is an effective tool for slicing L1 flight lines into easy-to-store and easy-to-deliver stereo-viewable image tiles. XPro Slicer products form an excellent basis for those who prefer traditional frame-based 3D mapping and feature extraction, both in the office and also in the field. In addition, stereo-viewable frames can now easily be stored along-side other frame imagery.

Leica XPro 5.0 will be released by the end of October.

Image caption: Leica ADS80 NIR imagery draped over surface model generated from the same line sensor imagery with Leica XPro 5.0

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