Merrick Purchases Additional Sensing Equipment for Helicopter-Acquired Data Products and Services

Aurora, CO Sept. 23, 2010 Merrick & Company has purchased additional remote sensing equipment to complement the suite of sensors for the firms new helicopter platform. This new equipment (from Trimble, Geospatial Systems Inc. (GSI), and Aventech ) will be co-mounted alongside the firms recently purchased Optech Orion C200 light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensor in the firms Eurocopter AStar 350 BA helicopter. The purchased equipment includes:
RGB orthophotography nadir digital camera (Trimble Aerial Camera, 60 megapixels)
Two RGB oblique digital cameras, one forward and one aft (GSI KCM-16, 16 megapixels each)
CIR orthophotography nadir digital camera (GSI KCM-MS)
Airborne weather sensor (Aventechs AIMMS-20 airborne sensor) to measure meteorological airborne data
Flight and acquisition status tracking via web-based mapping system (Aventechs AvSTAR)

Merrick specializes in multi-sensor data acquisition services and fused data products. Multiple remote sensors are co-mounted on a single aircraft to provide higher fidelity data, speed-of-acquisition with only one flight flown to acquire multiple data sets, and cost savings to clients. Merrick currently has existing multi-sensor platforms mounted in three Cessna fixed-wing aircraft. This addition to the fleet will allow the firm to acquire high fidelity, remote sensing data for both large areas such as flood plains, wind farms, and coastlines and for more closed-in and linear areas such as transmission and transportation corridors.

Merrick & Company, an $100 million geospatial, engineering, architecture, design-build, and surveying firm, serves domestic and international clients by providing geospatial technologies, products, and services for the infrastructure, energy, and security markets. The firms most recent work includes providing remote sensing services and data management for Xcel Energy, F.E. Warren Air Force Base, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Mobile District), ISA (South America), and the Colombian, South America, Navy. Merrick maintains eight offices in the U.S. as well as two offices in Mexico and an office in Canada.

More information about Merricks GeoSpatial Solutions business unit is located at Merrick GeoSpatial Solutions.