iQvolution Services Announces Release of iQworks Enterprise 2.0

iQvolution Services GmbH, a leading provider in laser scanning solutions, has announced the release of iQworks Enterprise 2.0. This new version empowers engineers by providing a number of features that makes working with laser scanning and as-built data a real pleasure.

Rgis Derimay, CEO of iQvolution Services GmbH, comments: "Until now, working with laser scanning data was slow and complex. In fact, the engineers often had to be trained and the hardware to be changed. Now iQworks is rewriting the rules. Every function of iQworks is designed to be fast and functional. In other words: if you can use Paint, you can use iQworks."

Allowing simple and high performance access to laser scanned data, iQworks helps users to exploit their full potential through a variety of easy-to-use functions.

Jens Fermann, Sales Manager of iQvolution Services GmbH, explains: "Our Server-Client architecture allows a user to log in, choose a location, take a measurement inside a scan and log out in less than 20 seconds. It works on almost every computer, eliminating the need to have a specific graphic card or amount of memory, and best of all, no software installation is needed on the client-side! This literally saves hours of unproductive work and is a real breakthrough for our clients."

The savings of this system are tremendous:
Travel expenses: no need to travel to the plant. Scan data can be accessed from anywhere.
Man power: taking a measurement on a scan takes seconds while it often takes hours on site.
Unlimited access: even restricted areas can be accessed at any time.
Integration: the database can be expanded from external sources like survey data, digital pictures, files or device data.
Interface: the availability of an open API allows external tools to easily access iQworks.
System independence: iQworks supports a number of scan formats and so the customer is no longer dependent on the scanner used by his service providers.

Now available, iQworks Enterprise 2.0 is of particular interest to those who work with laser scanning data like Plant Engineering, Chemical Industry or Service Providers.

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About iQvolution Services GmbH
iQvolution Services GmbH offers future-oriented solutions for those who work with laser scanning and as-built data. The company has years of experience as service provider in the field of laser scanning and CAD modelling and is so one of the most renowned companies on the market. In addition to consulting and CAD services, iQvolution ervices GmbH offers a software solution named iQworks. Showcasing a number of original functions, this software empowers engineers working with laser scanning and as-built data in their planning tasks. Based on a Server-Client architecture and offering worry-free integration into existing environments, this software constitutes a real breakthrough for companies wishing to streamline their workflow.