Versatility & Productivity Enhancements for Leica ScanStation C10 Laser Scanning System

(Norcross, GA, 18 May 2010) Following the successful Q4 2009 release of the revolutionary Leica ScanStation C10 laser scanner, Leica Geosystems announces new system enhancements that provide users with further increased versatility and productivity for as-built and topographic surveys. These are based on new versions of scanner firmware (v1.2) and Cyclone software (v7.0.3) – part of a continuous upgrade program for ScanStation C10 platform users who are on maintenance.

New Features for All-in-one Leica ScanStation C10 System Include:
Wireless LAN connectivity for remote scanner operation
New imaging options for the embedded, parallax-free digital/video camera
Expanded data management options for scan data and non-scan data
New support for a wide range of local languages on the onboard user interface
New software tool for fast, convenient data transfer to any connected computer

Now, users can better optimize ScanStation C10 deployment for each project. A new, wireless LAN feature lets ScanStation C10 connect wirelessly to a laptop with Cyclone software for more comprehensive scanner control and real-time quality assurance. For example, wireless laptop control can make it easier to take advantage of optimal scanner positions – that may otherwise be hard to access – for increased useful scan range or a better line of sight to a scene. Wireless control also lets users easily monitor scans on a laptop screen from the comfort of a vehicle. With more camera image resolution options, import times and disk space associated with rich, digital images can be significantly reduced. Lastly, users will have an improved ability to review target scans on the onboard display right after scanning for valuable quality assurance.

Reductions in Field Time of 50% or More
User feedback on our ScanStation C10 platform has already cited typical reductions in field time of 50% or more versus our previous generation of popular, time-of-flight scanners, states Hans Tuexsen, Product Manager. By adding these valuable new features to the system, users can expect to see even further productivity increases from this latest generation scanner platform.

Pricing & Availability
ScanStation C10 and Cyclone software users on support agreements receive these upgrades for free. The new scanner firmware and Cyclone v7.0.3 software are immediately available.

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